CBTL (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) wanted to break into the direct to consumer market with their single serve coffee machine. Unlike its competitors, CBTL's Americano machine not only makes the perfect coffee every cup, but also makes the perfect tea and espresso.

CBTL needed our help to create a micro-site with the look and feel that matched their Direct Response TV (DRTV) offer. The micro-site needed to be an easy flowing and minimal "clicks" checkout process. However, we couldn't forget important infomercial best practices like testimonials, embedded video of the spot, upsells, one pay incentives and continuity/auto-ship options.

Site Features

  • DRTV Best Practices
  • Offer matching the infomercial
  • Embedded Video
  • Continuity Management/My Account
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Multipay and One Pay Options
  • Full Shopping Cart integration
  • Merchant Processing integration
  • 3rd party Fulfillment integration


Using the creative direction provided by the client's branding team, DP250 successfully matched the look and offering that was presented to the consumer in the infomercial. We kept the flow of the shopping cart concise, while still allowing customers to select upsells and continuity, which allowed for increased conversion rates on the site. And through our completely customizable continuity management system, customers could adjust their frequency of shipments, set their next shipment date and customize any of the items in their kit for their next shipment.