Laura Geller

Laura Geller is a true innovator in the makeup industry. In 1993, she started with 2 NYC locations. She has since grown her business into a huge presence on QVC and other retail outlets. In 2010, Laura Geller makeup launched its first infomercial (also known as DRTV). When looking for a vendor to create their micro-site to support the infomercial, they turned to DP250.

The micro-site needed to incorporate all of the infomercial best practices like testimonials, embedded video of the spot, upsells, one pay incentives and continuity/aut-ship options. We also wanted to get the customer through the shopping cart options quickly, and with minimal amounts of clicking. This proved to be difficult with varying shade options for the kit, 2 continuity options and 4 upsells at checkout.

Site Features

  • DRTV Best Practices
  • Offer matching the infomercial
  • Embedded Video
  • Regular and Deluxe Continuity Options
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Multipay and One Pay Options
  • Full Shopping Cart integration
  • Merchant Processing integration
  • 3rd party Fulfillment integration


DP250 successfully matched the look and offering that was presented to the consumer in the infomercial, while maintaining a quick and easy shopping experience. We kept the flow of the shopping cart concise, while still allowing customers to select upsells and continuity, which allowed for increased conversion rates on the site. The web out-performed all other sources of orders in terms of average order value and customer retention. The continuity program was very successful, not only because of the great product, but because the customers knew what they were purchasing and how the payments were going to work.